Jerome Seniors

(208) 324-5642
520 N Lincoln, Jerome, ID 83338


Lunch begins at 11:30 and runs to 12:15, Monday through Friday. We will not have a salad bar or soup bar, but we will serve each person a salad and soup at their table. We will also serve the main course and no more than six people at a table. All tables will be kept at an acceptable social distance.  Immediately following lunch we begin our listed activities, ie. bunco, pinochle, pool, etc.

Due to Covid19, we will no longer allow outside food brought into the center for any of our regular activities. A snack bar will be available during bingo, prepared by our chef here at the center. 

Mission Statement

To serve any Senior person, regardless of ability to pay, who may ask for help.

1. Provide adequate nutrition for home delivered and congregate members.

2. Conduct health and educational programs monthly.

3. Provide weekly fitness programs to ensure that Seniors remain active and healthy.

4. Provide social activities.

This was the original building on this property. Many of our parents, and grandparents, even great grandparents participated in the building of this beautiful rock structure indicative of Jerome's early history. Builders of many faiths worked on this building, an early history of Jerome. The rock retaining wall has been preserved as part of Centennial Park on the West side of the property. 

This poster, (donated by the City of Wendell, was in their storage room) indicates that it was sponsored by a local merchant, not listed. On the back of the poster there is a small inscription that the sponsor was the Style Shop, a local business on Main Street in Jerome that many still remember.